📵Girl, Let’s Go Offline!💅🏼

If there was a non-technological way to tell you this, I would jump, leap at the opportunity.

“The Disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children”, a recent BBC Trending article got me thinking. Since I am not a parent, I’m aware that I can’t speak with the authority of telling parents how to raise their children. So, I won’t.

But the article got me thinking about something else; our dependence on the Internet (and for many people, SOLELY the Internet) for entertainment. The idea that something has to be ‘on’, ‘plugged in’, for us to be ‘on’ and ‘plugged in’ to what’s happening, what’s hip, around us.

Internet addiction is a very real thing, folks. With very real consequences if you don’t take the time to shut everything off from time to time. It has been said that internet addiction is a leading cause of depression in teenagers, as well as sleepless nights and worrying.

I’m here to advise you that you don’t have to be ‘on’ all the time.

Disrupting the digital addiction

If you’ve got  Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour (or more, if you can) of offline activity each day. What I sometimes do is put my phone on silent and hide it away in a desk drawer, and turn off (not put to sleep, turn right off) my laptop. My iPad, I use the least, so most times the battery is dead anyway (hey, honesty).

Some ways to have unwind and have fun, sans the brightly-lit screens

Read a book or magazine: the old-school way, where you turn pages😉 Just last year, the LA Times reported that 92% of students preferred reading from paper books rather than e-books. The perks? According to the students they were much less distracted, and their eyes hurt less! I can definitely vouch for that; after a few hours too many on my laptop or iPad. my eyes are usually sending me an SOS.digital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Try out a new cooking or baking recipedigital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Write a song or poemdigital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Take a dance class at a local facilitydigital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Pick up a sport or a hobby at school: Growing up, extra-curricular activities were a mainstay for me when I wasn’t in a classroom. I swam for 5 years, while taking dance classes and a short stint with karate (hated it) and sang in two choirs at my school. In high school, I played tennis, joined the theatre club and another choir. Not only were these fun for physical exercise, but the friendships & connections I made? Priceless!digital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Grow a plant or two (succulents tend to be easiest): There are so many options of miniature plants you can grow in your yard or even within your bedroom. Provided you’re not the type to accidentally have a goldfish die while under your care (Confession: I killed a goldfish or two as a child; silly me, forgetting to feed them!), many people find nurturing an aesthetically appealing, fragrant plant to be therapeutic and the perfect accessory for their room or desk.

Write in a journal: A University of Washington professor of educational psychology found that children were more likely to retain information they wrote with the ‘old school’ pen/pencil and paper than those who typed. Those who wrote on paper wrote faster and remembered more. (How’s that for acing your next exam?😉)digital detox, detox, relaxation, ways to relax

Go green! To a green space, that is. Seek out any spaces near your neighbourhood or town where you can seize a sunny day and relax with friends. (Picnics, anyone?)


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Ready to give it a try? A little digital detox? It’ll surprise you how much better you’ll feel, how little FOMO will affect you, and best of all, your self-confidence will not be at the mercy of social media feeds.

Which of the ways above do you think you’re most likely to try?





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26 year-old writer, unabashed bookworm and coffee addict. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • I sure hope kids out there are disconnecting in some way…for me I enjoy reading actual books with pages, I take walks without my phone or music and I like to paint. We’re becoming so dependent on technology it is kind of scary.

    • Talisa

      I’m getting into painting (as a total novice of course) as well! Disconnecting sometimes is vital.

    • Talisa

      Love your blog by the way! Just subbed

  • This is so true, one should not be online non-stop. I usually read offline or do some gardening, exercise or cook 🙂

    • Talisa

      I wanna start gardening so badly, but I know it’s quite alot to learn so I’m slowly familiarising myself with everything. Nice to be outside with fresh air & away from the bright screens! Thanks for reading!

  • Going offline for a bit it NEVER bad advice. This is a great reminder to unplug every once in a while!!

    • Talisa

      It sure isn’t! Thanks for reading Ayana

  • Great suggestions and I think it is important to take a break from screen. It wraps us up way to much.

  • We all need a digital detox! These are some great ideas for one’

  • Jay Colby

    This is a much needed message many of us in today’s tech savvy age need to read. With everyone having cell phone at the touch of our fingertips detoxing from it all may be difficult. But you’ve given us some great tips that we all can use.

    • Talisa

      Thanks Jay! I’m actually trying to detox each day for at least an hour. Of course with blogging it’s sometimes a challenge LOL but I definitely need it.

  • Yes, everyone should unplug once in a while. There’s a whole world out there people!

  • Nisa

    I totally agree. It’s hard to step away when the world is basically living online now. But I think I want to incorporate this break into my everyday life. Maybe I can start out small and work my way up lol.

    • Talisa

      I’m trying to make it an everyday thing too! Even if it’s like 30 minutes before bed. Thanks for reading Nisa!

  • April K.

    I try to digital detox on weekends. I may pull out my phone for a pic, but I’m definitely not scrolling as much as during the week. And I agree with reading paper books and magazines, i read before bed.

    • Talisa

      I’m trying to make that a habit, reading before bed. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I’ve tried to do that even for just a few hours – it’s SO hard!

    • Talisa

      Aww every little bit helps. Maybe 30 mins 😉