👜👠Grown Woman Truths (Patricia Bright-inspired)


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I don’t remember the last time I watched television. I’m a YouTube gal through and through. Why? The options are endless to choose content that fits my life and lifestyle, and the people I watch on YouTube are so much more relatable than the actors and actresses on movies and tv series.

One of my favourite people to watch on YouTube is British beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Patricia Bright. Not only is she totally gorgeous, but she’s also genuine, friendly and overall has a great personality.

One of her latest videos was entitled ‘Grown Woman Truths I Wish I Knew Before & Birthday Video’. In the first part of the video she dished about several life truths she’d learned in years past, as she’s gotten older and wiser. As she delved into each one, I found myself nodding every other second in agreement with the things she’d learnt, and thinking to myself “Yes!”, “That’s so true!”. Feeling uber-inspired and excited, I thought I’d do one of a list of truths I’d learnt as well! (Thanks Patricia!)

In the video I explain in (much more, juicy) detail, but here is the ‘cliff-notes’ version of the life truths, and some of them really harsh truths, that I have learnt:

infographic, truths, life truths, advice for women, advice for girls, truths about life, harsh truths

Here’s a link to Patricia’s video as well:

Let’s chat below! What truths have you learnt lately, or over time?

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  • Patricia always talks the truth, love this!

  • This is my first time hearing about Patricia Bright. I will have to check out her videos.

  • A traditional upbringing was the best something many children don’t have today.

  • OMG I was just talking to someone recently about the fact that we totally sound like our parents. I definitely tell my kids a lot of the same things my parents told me lol Great truths!

  • These are so true. I suppose it’s just part of life and maturing that we have to come to accept these as truths for ourselves when we mature.

  • It is easier to be yourself than be someone else. That is the truth if I’ve ever heard of it. As a teen it was a hard lesson to learn, as an adult I don’t understand why it takes us so long to learn.

  • There’s a lot of truth to this. I really agree with not having to do what the cool crowd does and not everyone who gives criticism is a hater. A lot of time we are quick to call people haters when they’re only trying to help out or just speaking the truth.

  • No matter how much our parent(s) have thought us, i have come to realise that in life we have to go through our own experiences., understand certain things, appreciate what we were once thought and grow from it.

  • Jo

    These are great points. I stopped trying to be like everyone else and I’m MUCH happier now than before. Parents can drop some gems. Don’t sleep. lol

  • I love the “someone, somewhere is not going to like what you’re doing”. It’s true and once you own that, you will be okay. I was definitely a former people pleaser but now I need to own my truth and mission. Everybody doesn’t love chocolate ice cream but enough people do so that it’s still a bestseller. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Yes!!! I’ve learnt the lesson a bit late but better late than never, right?! Thanks for reading!

  • Great messages! Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

  • Ha! Realizing that our parents really did know what they were talking about is a harsh reality sometimes. This is a great list of realizations, I agree with them all.

  • Patricia Bright is one of my favorite youtubers. Great post!!