🎀My ‘Love to Learn’ Bucket List for 2017

my love to learn bucket list

It’s nearly graduation season for some and prom season for others. For this gal, school has been on the brain (reminiscing mostly)!

High school specifically; but not in the way you think! I was not the biggest fan of my secondary-school experience (the people, not the books! Such a nerd, I was.), I took up many extracurricular activities that made school a lot more bearable. Learning how to do different and intriguing things beyond those 8:30-2:30 time slots, and meeting a few new people at the same time? Yes, please!

Those Were The (Student) Days

Well, I’m no longer a student on any level, but you’re never too old to learn something new, right? So, today I’m sharing with you a list of all the things I’ve been dying to learn to do, make or learn about for the past couple years but never got the chance. If all goes well, maybe some of the things’ll get checked off my list for 2017? Fingers crossed?


Step 1: Do a quick Pinterest search: ‘Crocheting’. Step 2: Take in all the cuteness. Step 3: Thank me later.

No seriously, doesn’t everything look absolutely adorable?! Too adorable not to be able to make yourself!

bucket list_advice for teens _ learn crocheting _ Beautifulskills.com Tea Cup Amigurumi
No words, none, for this cutie. It’s called ‘Tea Cup Amigurumi’ Credits: Beautifulskills.com



Baking Cake Pops

Bucket list_advice for teens _ learn to make cake pops _ JustArtifacts.net Cakepops
Credit: JustArtifacts.net

This one might not go too well with for my plan to cut back on sugar for 2017 but I’ve always been intrigued by cake pops. Actually, I love mini versions of a lot of things. They would make great little ‘snacks’ for a loved one’s birthday or any other special occasion.




Hand Lettering/Calligraphy

If you’ve been here awhile, you already know me as a pen-and-paper fanatic. I’ve started bullet journaling this year, and thanks to Pinterest I see all these gorgeous bullet journal layouts with the most beautiful calligraphy on them! Sign me up to these cute pages, please! I love the pizzazz they add!

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Prettydesigns.com quote _advice for teens
Credit: Prettydesigns.com




bucket list_advice for teens_learn gardening _ herb garden_pinkwhen.com
Credit: PinkWhen.com

Maybe it’s the tomboy in me, but I have always had a love for being outside, and getting my hands a little messy. Don’t ask me what inspired this. I just wanna grow stuff. Maybe some herbs then tomatoes, as a start?




And finally, Spanish

bucket list_advice for teens_ learn Spanish Spanish words Culturetrip.com
Credit: CultureTrip.com

So, I did Spanish for my O-Level exams (during secondary school) and that was that. I only ‘learned’  brief conversational Spanish with the goal of passing that exam. Fast forward a few years, and the world is showing us that it pays to be bilingual! It especially boosts your career opportunities; as the world becomes a smaller place, you’re far better off being able to communicate with others within that small world of various languages. I sure don’t want to be left out of that. I may take a traditional classroom-style course, or keep it simple by doing one online. Haven’t decided yet!


That Burn to Learn

If you’re in the same boat and you’ve got that urge to learn something new, here are a number of online opportunities worth exploring:

  • Craftsy.com – Learn how to do all of the cute things (pretty much); with over 1000 classes in sewing, jewelry-making, photography, woodworking, art and so much more; don’t let all these amazing options overwhelm you!
  • Udemy.com – Udemy hosts courses for a range of different skills; everything from business and IT-related courses, to music and photography. If you’re still a student, they also offer exam prep services! This week, as its Teacher Appreciation Week, some of their courses start from as little as $10USD*, so you can save money and be savvy in something new.
  • Coursera.org – Coursera’s focus is on academics more so than the other sites mentioned. They provide courses in Language Learning, Math and Logic, Business, among others. They’ve also got a special something that the others don’t; Personal Development courses.  Some that have caught my eye include Achieving Personal and Professional Success, Solving Complex Problems, Introduction to Public Speaking and Ignite Your Everyday Creativity.

So there you have it, my (not-so-secret-anymore) bucket list of things I really want to make time to learn or do before the year is out.

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Has anything been on your radar to learn?

Feel free to check out the links I shared above to explore some of the many options available online (some, for free!!) Let me know what you’d like to learn or learn about this year!

Love to learn bucket list_pinterest_thatnewgirl.com

Until next time!





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  • Gardening is such a useful skill. I would definitely love to learn to garden and be more self-sufficient, great way to save money too.

    • Talisa

      Those are the same reasons I wanna do it, too!

  • I love this list!! I want to learn Spanish also well I already started but I’m ready to get fluent in it. Those cake pops look yummy! I might need to learn how to make those myself. Enjoy trying these new things out.

    • Talisa

      Thank you!! I need it to be as effortless as English. I only remember a few random words & phrases in Spanish.

      • You’re welcome. lol learning Spanish is easy because of the some of the Spanish words are the same as English words.

        • Talisa

          some yeah, but most are complicated. I did it for 5 years; it’s not the easiest thing (that’s why I wanna relearn). Especially when it’s time to have everyday conversation with native Spanish speakers 🙂

          • I understand what you mean. That’s true also. Good luck 😁

  • I have been trying and failing to learn Spanish, here in Australia I don’t get a lot of oppurtunities to use it. But after seeing that adorable crochet teacup, i think crocheting is going to be my new hobby!!! Wonderful topic and post!

    • Talisa

      Thank you! I’m actually a bit concerned about the same thing, my ability to really use the language on a day-to-day basis after I learn. Happy crocheting!!!

  • I love this idea! I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to say that making cake pops can be really annoying because you have to get the right ratios and sometimes they just don’t work. But like everyhting else, time will help!

    • Talisa

      yeah I’ve heard it can be tricky! Probably why I’ve put it off for a long time. Gonna give it a go though! You should do a list sometime! I’d love to see it

  • Cake pops are so fun to make!! The possibilities of flavors is endless!

    • Talisa

      Right?! They look so fun! Thanks for reading! x

  • I’m with you on the calligraphy front. I recently started bullet journaling and could use the help! I actually just recently started an indoor garden and so far, so good! I’m growing green onions (because all you need is water and a window with some sun) and tomatoes. You should definitely give it a go. 🙂

    Two things I dream of some day learning: the cello (which, in my opinion, is the most magical and soul-stirring instrument in existence) and German (I took several years in high school but forget, well, all of it – I want to be bilingual!!).

    This was such a fun and inspirational read!

    • Talisa

      Thanks! I forgot to put learning the guitar on my list (I envy anyone who can play the guitar!) love it!

      • Yes! There’s just something so pure about stringed instruments! The guitar is really fun to play. 🙂

        • Talisa

          Yup!! It definitely looks fun. Gonna make that happen this year as well😁