🎒📕Study & Productivity Tips | Sitting Pretty & Productive: Part 1

One of my followers recently asked for tips and talks for success in & out of school, especially for studying.

Never the type to go back on my word, she asked and I’m here to deliver!

November 2016 marked the end of my student life, when I graduated from UWE Bristol, located in the South-West of England. I did a Master’s degree, but the great news about  many of the habits and must-haves I implemented while studying, is that they work whether you’re a high school/secondary school student, just kicking off a Bachelor’s degree, or even doing an online course! These adorable products below come from Hollar*, an online store I’ve recently discovered for affordable and adorable (a combo that just can’t be bit!). They’ve got office and stationery items for as little as $0.75 and $1! (Click the photos for more).

(Part 1) These Are A Few of My Favourite Things when I Study: 

1. For note-taking

Remember my post about taking a digital detox and reading paper books & magazines (instead of e-books) from time to time? The study done by University of Washington professor of educational psychology found that children were more likely to retain information they wrote with the ‘old school’ pen/pencil and paper than those who typed. Those who wrote on paper wrote faster and remembered more.

Note-taking no matter where you are

My first tip is to keep a mini notebook with you, pretty much everywhere you go. I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll use my phone”, but hear me out. Honestly, there are some things a notes app can’t do.

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Let’s just say you’ve got a visual of something in your mind that you want to add to a class project (these things have randomly happened to me while on the bus on the way to uni😁). You can’t explain it but you can see it in your mind and want to capture that idea really quickly so you don’t forget.

sticky notes_study tips_productivity tips_studytips on the go

2. For remembering key points & key information

Sticky-notes saavy

My second must-have is a sticky note set. Traditionally, for studying and taking notes in class, I’d always kept a set of Post-It brand sticky notes (personally always loved the neon orange ones!).

Since brands started making sticky-note sets, I find myself looking forward to my study, note taking or writing sessions more than ever. Why? Let’s face it, after a few hours, studying gets old. You yearn for distractions. When your pages are pretty though (speaking for myself and friends that have co-signed), that changes the game entirely.

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In this quick video, I show you fully how I used these simple items as a regular part of my study routine (and still do as a blogger!). They made studying less of a ‘chore’, essay-writing more of a breeze and blog posts even more seamless to write!

Let’s chat, what’s one thing you find or found challenging with studying as a student? Share with me below!

I hope you’ve found these study and productivity tips helpful! Share them with your bestie, study partner or someone you know that may find classes or studies challenging.

Be sure to check out the Part 2 of my Study & Productivity Tips for more great advice, in the classroom & beyond!

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  • nat

    I’m going back to school this fall and I find these tips very helpful. Thanks for sharing

  • Note taking no matter where you are……wow! I’ve learnt a lot from this post. Thanks. Not only students need this 😉

    • Talisa

      Lol welcome!!

  • In college I found it extremely hard to study for hours. But my science classes required that I study at least 6 to 8 hours a day. I would do my note taking with colorful pens. It is helpful to add cool note taking items to your study sessions.

  • Kay

    I’ve been out of ug for nearly 5 years now and still absolutely fall prey to a way to keep myself together…ie sticky notes, planners, etc. I really love stuff like this because even in my life as a professional, it is still so essential to keep yourself together especially when you realize other people are depending on you and it’s not just your grades that could possibly suffer. Part of me wants to check out the website but I also don’t because I’ll be tempted to buy everything ;/ Thanks for sharing this !

    • Talisa

      haha you definitely will! Glad you liked the post!

  • I literally just bought all of these items this year in order to jumpstart organization/productivity. My job was having major sales on these cute items and because I lovw how they look, it encourages me to use them.

    Looking forward to the next part if this post!

    • Talisa

      Love it Patrice!! Part 2’s coming soon

  • Great post. Although I have graduated decades ago, some points you share are also valuable in the workplace

    • Talisa

      Thank you!! It definitely is! I worked for a few years between degrees, and do now, and they still work.

  • I can use these tips for my everyday life. Great read

    • Talisa

      Good to hear! Thanks for reading!

  • LOVEEEEEEE How organized you are!!! Great tips!!

    • Talisa

      Thanks Jahzara! I try; some days are better than others lol! Thanks for reading

  • This was really helpful, I’m not in school but I am teaching myself somethings and the old school pen and paper is defiently the truth!

    • Talisa

      Hi Danielle, definitely is!! It’s a life-changer with remembering information!