💜Put Yourself #InHerShoes and #BeBoldForChange | International Women’s Day 2017

Happy #IWD2017 darlings!!!

International Women's Day 2017, Be Bold for Change

International Women’s Day has its roots based in the early 1900’s Socialist American Party. Over a century later, the movement has sparked and spread throughout the world, championing the causes of women everywhere, from every sphere of life.

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In far too many societies, although some aspects of daily life are evolving, the standing of women young or old has, sadly, not been improved. Mothers, wives, sisters, female cousins, female co-workers are still viewed as weak, helpless and incapable.

As such, in many societies, these women are often at the mercy of violent men or abusive superiors. They are also at the mercy of the people around them who may turn a blind eye to their situation. To the people who look away, turn away, walk away saying, “That’s none of my business” or “She probably deserved it” or ‘What am I supposed to do?” I ask you, what if it were you?

in her shoes, be bold for change, #beboldforchange, #iwd2017, international women's day 2017

Would you want someone to reach out, stand up and be bold enough to help you? Then put yourself in her shoes. Imagine yourself in the position of a woman who is being harassed, abused whether verbally or physically, unfairly treated, spoken to, or compensated.

It takes courage and binternational women's day, iwd2017 #iwd2017, be bold for change, #beboldforchangeoldness to stand up for her.

Be bold enough to put yourself #InHerShoes and #BeBoldForChange against violence, bias and inequalities.

Watch my video for more, and comment “Yes I will be bold for change” to commit today to being bold against the biases, violence, abuse and injustice against women.

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  • I hate to see so many women suffer injustice. The fact that women aren’t valued in many cultures is quite sad.

  • joychasing

    I will be bold for change. Us women have to stick to.

  • Yes!!!!!! i will be bold for change….we as women need to stick together, young as well as old and say NO!!!!! to violence and inequality of any kind against our gender.

  • Jo

    I’m almost TOO vocal at times. There’s no reason why you should stay silent seeing someone being mistreated. I love the title Put yourself in her shoes.

    • Thank you! I don’t think there’s any problem with being too vocal! There are so many people that would rather say nothing at all when they see things happening.

  • I have always spoken out about injustice this campaign seem very interesting.

  • Nice video
    Women indeed need to be bold enough to stand for each other
    I love the concept
    I agree to be bold for change
    #inhershoes #beblodforchange


  • Placing yourself in the shoes of the victim certainly changes the perspective. When you ask yourself what if it were you…you automatically desire help but often times we remain silent when we see someone in these situations. Thank you for sharing and I will be bold for change.

  • I try and commit to being bold for change everyday. I had to first learn to stand up for myself. Once I learned to do that I’ve been bold ever since.

    • That’s definitely part of it too, learning to stand up for yourself..thanks for sharing that

  • I pray for these women and hope that I myself does not fall short to abuse and neglect. Yes!! I will be bold for change.
    #inhershoes #beboldforchange

    – Tione

  • alifeofauthenticity

    I tend to be pretty vocal when I see some form of injustice in my circle of influence. Yes, I will be bold for change.