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slow and steady, growth, personal growth, start up

slow and steady, growth, personal growth, start up

Disclaimer (of sorts):Ā Ā IĀ considered writing this in my journal, aka away from public eyes, for about 5 minutes. Then I was reminded why I’m blogging in the first place.

To share what I think someone needs to hear. The things I needed to hear at some point or another.

The biggest reality check hit me this Friday morning, the third day since launching the blog/YouTube channel & other social media pages. It hit me that I had to start slow with this entire project.

I’m an only child of two parents I love dearly. Being their only child & their daughter, all eyes being on me does come with some perks. One of them being that I tend to get things when I want them, and I usually need want them immediately. When adulthood called though, it said very sternly that I could no longer expect everythingĀ to happen how I wanted it, and when I wanted it.
Baby steps, personal growth, self confidence, self awarenessToday, adulthood shot me a quick text to remind me of this. Like I said, it’s the third day since I launched everything. And already, I’m doing this thing where I compare myself, and my accomplishments (or lack thereof) to others. Comparing the Sahara-like dryness ofĀ my comments section to others’ where conversation is thriving.

Whether I like it or not, I can’t and won’t be an overnight success. Which begs the question what, for me, is success. Another story for another day.

Spending the rest of my Friday steadily pacing myself, and along with that, my thoughts, words, and future content. I want to get to that place where I’m okay with, and truly enjoying, starting small.

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