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Getting older.

Do you remember that time when you were actually excited about it?

I do. Somewhere between 5 years old and the angsty age of 13, I remember always looking forward to being a ‘grown up’. Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was enjoyable beyond words (I actually miss being a child sometimes! That’s another chat we’ll have another day though.)

I was excited for the day when I would be on my own time, my own schedule, owning a car and able to go wherever I pleased. Above all though, what really got me more amped up than anything else was no longer having to do homework.

Let’s Talk About the Challenge Though

What I didn’t foresee was the biggest challenge I’ve consistently been faced with; a constant nag in my brain that tells me ‘You’ve got to be good enough’.

Whether in the work place, in the community, in the place of worship, or whatever institutions we each may be a part of, we’re often around or engaging with others. In those moments there’s often this nagging thought that jumps out at us from out of nowhere saying,

“You’ve got to do ________ better.”

“You should _________ more. Like ________.”

“It would be great if you were like ___________.”

“Don’t ________ so much!”

The comparison thing. 

My 28th birthday was a few days ago and while I didn’t celebrate with a bang (I literally had some cake and ice cream and called it a day), some honest reflection took place. I’m getting older and while I sometimes feel like superwoman because of it, there is the comparison thing that I haven’t yet conquered.

But I’m taking baby steps, though.

One such way is a deliberate choice to be happy about something each day. I am keeping a gratitude tracker. I am journaling every other day. Sometimes, painting with my watercolours in said journal. Doing things that keep me calm and bring me joy. I invite you to do the same, and when you’re done, pass it on to someone you love and care for. But, how, you ask? My friends over at Shari’s Berries have chimed in with some suggestions I am loving.

Sweet! It’s So Simple

Even though World Kindness day is over, that doesn’t mean you should stop working to take care of yourself. Often it’s easy to let things like anxiety and outside forces get in the way of our happiness and bring us down. To help beat oncoming winter blues and cheer yourself up, you can turn to science for ways to cheer yourself up.

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Using this guide from Shari’s Berries for ways to boost your happiness, try something like turning the TV off to boost oxytocin or order dark chocolate delivered to your house to boost serotonin. Before you know it you’ll be feeling good and treating yourself as well!

And here’s how you can pay it all forward to those around you that need a pick-me-up, on those days when life is whispering less-than-sweet-somethings in their ear and making them feel down.

Ways to Cheer Someone Up Serotonin

Confidence Beats Comparison Every time

Deliberate decisions to be more happy and more confident. Regardless to what is going on around me or conflicting messages others may send my way. That’s my gift to myself, and I challenge you to use simple ways like the ones Shari’s Berries suggested, to not only boost your own happiness and confidence, but to help someone you love do the same.

Confidence kicks comparison’s butt any and every day.

Until next time loves!


An Everyday Gift Worth Getting & Giving with tips from Shari's Berries



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