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First off in the series, say hi to Kristabel DuBois, of kristabeldubois.wordpress.com!


Tell Us A Bit About Yourself!

My name is Kristal DuBois. I’m Nigerian and I’m Christian. I’m a twenty-something studying Medicine in the Caribbean, St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be precise. I’m quite tall, even though I can’t play any sports. I’m extroverted. I love beaches, anything related to water, I’d run in the rain and I love to go swimming. I also love music and I’m learning to play the piano and the violin. 

What’s the name of your blog and when was it started?

The name of my blog is ‘Kristabel Dubois’. It’s like an alias for me. Kristabel because it’s one of my other names even though it’s not spelled with a ‘k’ and Dubois because I love the French so much and I’m still trying to learn the language.

It was started twice, first in August/September of 2015. I wrote two articles and I just abandoned it.  I then made a new friend in 2016. He saw random pieces of written work in my rough notes and discovered I used to have a blog…he forced me to start again and didn’t let me quit. This was on December 13th 2016; so you can say my blog is 4 months old.  In a year’s  time, I see my blog getting bigger, with lots of readers and hopefully stories from people who read an article and it made a difference to them. I want to reach as many people as possible.

What led you to start your blog?

 I’ve always wanted to write one way or another even though Medicine was my career choice. I also wrote poems and sometimes drew. I discovered people could ‘blog’ when I got into Med school. The only kind I knew of back home was for news, gossip and entertainment, which I wasn’t impressed by. I got here, I found WordPress and my life changed.

So great that your friend inspired you to start again! Let’s talk about your love for the French language.

I fell in love with the French language a long time ago. During primary school, it was offered as a subject and I was one of the best students. It just fascinated me. Their accent is beautiful, and the food looks great. Their language is beautiful as well as the sophisticated way they carry themselves, or at least that’s what I would see on TV. I still can’t speak the language or even read much but I’d still love to learn it.

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What do you think is the most hard-hitting issue that young women face today, and how can it be addressed?

There are many of them, so I’ll just pick one. In two words, I’d say Identity Crisis. 

Thanks to social media, everyone has access to different platforms where they can say whatever they want, whenever they want.  Society is also evolving simultaneously and we also have to keep up with that. Now, the only downside is that women don’t know who and how to be. Guys are saying “be humble, be a good girl, be decent, so we can wife you.” At the same time they like ‘bad’ girls. Then, other women scream feminism and women empowerment, but some take it to the extreme. Then, society says be yourself and don’t listen to anyone else but fit into this beautiful pink box. In trying to escape the box, we’ve decided not to even listen to reason at all. Everybody is equally confused and so we have decided to become our own law and order. Some people have called it ‘self love’. We’re fighting rape, body image issues and everything that comes in between. It’s difficult to just exist as a female.

self discovery quote muzictomyears.comThe solution would be self discovery. 

Girls are just rebelling in different ways and it’s easy to just join a rebel crowd just because it looks cool…

Know why you do the things you do; and it should not be words someone
else put in your mouth.

Try to shut out the noise and try to know and understand yourself. Click To Tweet 

If you do, you won’t need to follow the trends to feel okay.

For me, I’m a Christian so I focus on God and everyday I learn something new and my life gets better and better despite the hardships that still come.

If you had to give advice to your younger self, what would you tell her?

I’d tell her ‘ Never Mind’.  It won’t matter. I worried about everything when I was younger. My performance at school was very good, but I was never satisfied. There was always this fear of failing and not knowing what would come next. The worrying was unnecessary.

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I knew that God had my back though, and there was nothing I could do about failing then. I just had to wait and work on what was in front of me first. My worry couldn’t change anything. All the things I thought mattered and all the things I worried about don’t matter now. So, I would tell her that she should take life slow and take in every moment because those will be her stories to tell.

When did you overcome worrying? Was it something specific that happened?

worrying quotes, overcoming worrying, from searchquotes.comI worried a lot because I was scared of failure but when failure walked into my life in different forms, I stopped worrying. There’s an entire article on the gift of failure. Soon I realized that it was part of life and that worrying changed nothing. To be precise, this occurred after my exit exam from secondary school. It’s called WASSCE. You have to make at least five credits in the major courses. Being a future medical student, i needed Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. I got B’s and a C in physics but an E in Chemistry. I thought my world would end. Fast forward, I retook the exam, Got A’s and B’s and it was like it never happened. That taught me never to worry again because like Job in the bible, the thing I feared the most came upon me.

Life. Thoughts. Inspiration.


I write because I have something to say about many things, especially to the teens and twenty somethings. There’s soinspire others quote from skinnyms.com much noise and drama going on right now and I just want to help in any way I can so they can focus on important things like their lives. Because no school teaches you about life and you have to go through it using trial and error. I want to inspire young people and also inspire myself in the process. That’s why my tagline is ‘ Life, Thoughts and Inspiration’. I’ve learnt a lot about life just because I have a blog I have and want to write in.


Kristabel is truly an inspiration. You’ll enjoy the topics that she covers in her blog! Some of my favourites have been  Letting Go: Setting Yourself Free and Time To Re-Focus.

Head over to kristabeldubois.wordpress.com – Life. Thoughts. Inspiration, you won’t be disappointed! You can also find her on Twitter (@kristabelduboisand Instagram, also @kristabeldubois.

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