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I purchased this fuschia one at Wilko (UK).

Ask me what’s one thing I absolutely cannot live without (no, seriously, you can ask me), and I would probably give you a list. It’s impossible for me to name just one.

But somewhere high up on that list, quite possibly in the running for first place along with some other absolute-essential (like, say, coffee) would be paper.

Yep, paper. It’s how my love for reading and writing grew, after all. Over the years, in am effort to make sense of the chaos that can (sometimes) be everyday life (i.e. in an effort to succeed at ‘adulting’, as the young’ns call it), a yearly planner has become my best friend.

The perks, I’ve found, of using a planner have been:

  1. I’m able to plan (*hides face* yes, I know, it’s a given) What’s that quote about failing to prepare?
  2. I get to pace myself and by extension, my thoughts. Breaking up a huge task or goal into small bite-sized pieces over several days is much easier than not doing so. We don’t want to bite off more than we can chew, after all.
  3. I’m more likely to actually do the things I’d planned. While there may not necessarily be any scientific backing behind this, I’ve found over the years that when I write down and allocating a date for something specific, whether I want to or not, I actually get them done (ahem, hello mopping). Something about seeing those words written down, just pushes me to get up and get it all done.
  4. I’m inadvertently holding myself accountable. At the end of each week, I’m able to look back at all the plans I’d had and ensure that even if the day got away with me on Wednesday, I can do that day’s tasks on Friday. After all, I wrote them down, and I feel a tinge of guilt whenever I plan to get things done, then don’t.
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I also keep a pocket-sized planner in my bag. Told you I am oh-so-serious about this!

There are so many cute monthly and yearly planners for the choosing! Nothing like a glam and gorgeous book to inspire you to be more organised. Here are some pretty options, fit for any budget:

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These planner covers are adorable! And most of them tend to come with planner accessories, especially stickers, that allow you to decorate your weekly or daily spread.

Do you own a planner? Thinking about getting one? What’s your favourite thing about planning?

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