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Hi loves! It has certainly been awhile, and for that I apologise. I’m back in the blogosphere though, and have brought with me another of my fab friends, Kymmie of Simply Kymtastic. 

I’ll pass the mic over to her to introduce herself:

kymmie of simply kymtastic

I’m a Christ-loving twenty-something trying to figure out how to navigate the world. I’m a teacher by day, but I basically do everything else by night.  I love music, and encouraging others.

What’s the scoop on your blog?

My blog is I launched my blog January 2017. 

I wanted a platform to talk about my teaching experience, and felt like I also had other life experiences that I wanted to share with the world. I aim to motivate and encourage others through my stories.

So I’m guessing, like most of us, the blog is your hobby-by-night. What are you up to, by day?

This coming school year, I’ll be a reading interventionist for a high school. I have a love for education and that’s really all I know. I’m thankful that I found a position that allows me to work with students in a very nurturing environment. As an educator, I’m in a prime position to build up the self-confidence of the next generation. I always let my students know what they do well instead of focusing on their deficiencies.Reading quotes for blog post

Sounds exciting! Tell us about your reading interventionist job.

As a reading interventionist, I will run small reading groups for high school students. I’ll also be responsible for setting up schoolwide literacy initiatives motivate students to read. I haven’t started my job officially yet so the day to day details are still up in the air. The unique part of my job is that I will be the first reading interventionist at this particular school. I was referred to this job by someone that I worked closely with while I was teaching. I’m used to being in an elementary setting, however, I’m looking forward to working in a high school environment.

You’re already familiar with teaching, but are you nervous about any challenges that may come with your new job? 

I’m going into this experience [without much prior knowledge of it], but that makes it exciting. There’s always that thought of “Am I going to be good at this”, but I think that’s normal.  I’m looking forward to not being in a traditional classroom setting. My school also has less than 40 students so I’m excited to be in a small environment.

Why do you think literacy is such a challenge for young people today?

There isn’t one clear answer for this. I do think that environment is a huge factor.

My mom always had me in the library or bookstore. There was always an incentive for us to read at school. In middle school, author Sharon Draper visited and I fell in love with her books. My school environment and my parents made me understand that I was going to have to read no matter what.

I taught 4th grade, however, most of my students were on a 1st or 2nd grade reading level. We would go to the library and most of my kids would pick books, but they would never read them. They would throw books around the classroom and make paper airplanes out of them. I would spend time picking books based off of their interest and on their levels and nothing made the difference. Most of them, simply didn’t value reading or education in general. It wasn’t just my classroom, that was a norm for the entire school.

Simply Kymtastic_Kymmie on tackling youth illiteracy

A lot of it depends on adequate services being available for students and support provided for teachers and parents. Instead of retaining students in the early grades (where the foundation of reading is set), students are just pushed from grade to grade. At some point frustration will set in and students will lose motivation to even try. Teachers are often expected to be miracle workers, but it [truly does] take a village. Everyone from parents to lawmakers have to be on board.

 In 5 words or less, what would you say to the person that thinks “Oh, I don’t need to be able to read well!”?

Your world just got smaller. 

Looking forward to hearing more about Kymmie, her work as a teacher, and more of her own writing? Stop by her blog, her Instagram or Twitter, both @SimplyKymtastic.

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