Rest Easy (Yes, Really!) 3 Ways Any Girl Can Sleep Better & Stress Less

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Do you know one of those girls who takes pride in always being ‘busy’? If you look around (and not too far, just read a couple Instagram bios), it would seem like we’re in the age of everybody trying to be every thing, or at least multiple things at once. Maybe it’s out of economic necessity Or maybe, like me, you have multiple passions in your life. Or perhaps it’s a combination of both. Maybe you are a 9 to 5-er or student by day, blogger or small business owner by night and weekends. Lest we forget, the occasional lunch hour.

Either way, this glorification of ‘busy-ness’ takes a toll if you let it take over your life for too long. One of the main things to suffer tends to be our physical then mental health. In your quest to do-it-all over the years , maybe your sleep has suffered, like mine.

In an effort to change the way I sleep, these life ‘tweaks’ have in their own little way helped me to get in the perfect balance of R&R I need. All the better to superwoman with, right?! (yes, I totally just made superwoman a verb)

Replace caffeinated drinks with something far more soothing to the nerves

Yep, that includes that mocha, that late-night caramel frapp too! Im realizing that having anything caffeine-based after, say, 2pm, is setting myself up for only being buzzed well into the late evening. Then it becomes a downward spiral of not being able to stay asleep straight into the morning. Going to bed at 10, only to wake up at 1, then at 4, then…? Not exactly the best thing when you need to be fully present and productive the next day. What have I been doing instead? Winding down the day with caffeine-free teas has been helping me get a better night’s sleep.

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When choosing teas, I tend to reach for the fruity ones. I also look for teas with significant herbal ingredients. Pukka Herbs’ Womankind, then, checked off all of the boxes when I saw it on the Waitrose shelf. It might have something to do with the combination of fruits, herbs and more that they’ve put together. I’ve listed just a few for you below. It also tastes and smells amazing. I’ve been drinking it everyday since buying it.

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Put the phone down and pick up a good (paper, honey!) book

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Instagram will hardly notice you’re gone, I promise. I’ve read many articles about the dangers of being glued to the phone too late into the night.  And yet, admittedly, when it’s time to hit the sack, it’s almost like an automatic reflex for me to reach for my iPhone and scroll, scroll, scroll away until my drooping eyes tell me otherwise. Except it tends to turn into hours and hours of scrolling, and before you know it, I’ve robbed myself of the recommended 8-9 hours of much-needed R&R, left to face the day with four hours (sometimes three!)of something masquerading as ‘rest’.

So, for the past two months or so, I’m challenging myself to read less Instagram captions and more books. My bookworm habits are usually saved for my daily commute or waits at the doctor’s, dentist’s or spa. On weekends when I don’t have too much going on, I like to start the day by reading for about an hour.

Ending the day with some light reading though, is relatively new to me, but is providing the necessary relief to not only my eyes but my mind; the ultimate form of escapism (in my bookworm brain), tucking into a good book minus the glare of a phone or tablet screen allows me to detach from the chaos of the day and the world around me, by getting lost in someone else’s world. Even if it’s fictional, it almost always tends to be far more exciting than my own!

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Get Pampered Before You Power Down

garnier uk_skin active_sheet masks_pampering for less

My last suggestion is something that may already be in your daily or weekly routine, but for an extra-special treat-to-self, I recommend doing it right before bed. A quick pampering sesh, using sheet/tissue masks, lets you feel like a million dollars while soothing your skin from the daily stresses of the environment.  Try popping the mask into the fridge for a bit for that extra cooling touch.

I’ve recently given the Garnier Skin Active masks a try and after just one use so far of the Glow-Revealing Mask, my skin looked noticeably more radiant (I was surprised!) and felt more supple. My pores that typically like to make an appearance also appeared less prominent on my cheeks.

pampering_better sleep stress less_mental health awareness week 2018

(P.s. Learn from my bloopers, kids.  Ensure that you properly position your sheet mask onto your face. The mask can sometimes slip and slide around your face if you’re not careful)

I’m now a sheet-mask convert, especially because these tissued skin-treats are so night-time friendly. You can literally chuck a few into your bedside table and use them when ready to tuck in. Garnier’s give you the option of lightly pressing the remaining residue into your skin or using a cotton ball to wipe them away. That means no extra trips to your bathroom needed, no face-towels involved. Just quick, easy, skin-care-and-siesta.

For Mental Health Week 2018, the focus is on creating a less stressful life. For the overachievers, movers, shakers, doers and creators of the world, stress can manifest itself when we decide to skimp on sleep. I hope you consider making some tweaks to your routine using one of these tips. Sleep well, feel well. Feel well, do well. Do well, be well and live well!

Love ya!

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