Giving Back to Others & Being Gracious to Yourself | World Kindness Day

We live in a world where almost everyone is busy being, well, busy. It becomes easy, then, to not spare much of a thought for those who don’t have any impact on our busy – I mean – business.

So, allow me to blow your ‘busy bubble’. Or at least suggest two things that might. Stick with me.

On World Kindness Day 2017

On this year’s World Kindness Day, I’d like to challenge you to go beyond just being good, nice, kind to those around you. The best part? You can do so in ways that will also allow you to be good to you. Let me explain in the examples below.


This one’s self-explanatory, isn’t it?😃Volunteering has helped me in unexpected ways. I’ll be honest, when I started volunteering back in high school, it was a way for me to not only help with a big community project, but to hang out with friends outside of the classroom. Fast-forward several years out, I still enjoy it knowing that I am lending in some small way to a bigger purpose. What’s more, I literally find that I feel so much more relaxed and ‘zen’ after a day of volunteer activity. Volunteering takes your mind off pesky to-do lists; when you do get back to them, the mind is much clearer. #WorldKindnessDay Click To Tweet

Suggestion: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your school schedule or work is worrying, give things a break for a day and volunteer your neighbourhood or your town.

De-Cluttering/Clearing Up Your Space

De-cluttering minimalism_world kindness day

Have you joined the minimalism bandwagon yet? Confession: this is one trend I rolled my eyes at at first; I thought it was another ploy to get me to spend more money to attain a certain bedroom aesthetic (that everyone else on the internet also had).

One thing that did catch my eye with all the minimalist home looks was how much less chaotic and cluttered the spaces look. That was something I couldn’t roll my eyes at but wanted more of.

How does the minimalism trend help others?

Well, it really starts with the journey toward minimalism; a big part of it involves clearing your physical space, but what if I told you physically clearing up does several things:

  • De-cluttering helps you to prioritize what’s important and what isn’t – because you have to make decisions on what stays and what goes.
  • De-cluttering helps you to rely on less.
  • De-cluttering helps you to pass items on to persons who may need them more than you do. Whether it’s donating your lightly used or unused items to a charity shop, a homeless shelter or a disaster-relief drive.

It’s a win-win in my book, and if you try either of these acts of kindness, you’ll find the same, I’m sure. If & when you do, come back and share with me below how you felt after you carried out these acts of kindness. I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and happy World Kindness Day! Remember:

world kindness


World kindness

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